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Jill Rhodes, Research Associate

Research Interests:
Functional morphology of the upper limb

Areas of Interest:
Functional morphology of the upper limb
Bilateral asymmetry and activity patterns
Biomechanical analysis of the upper limb
Osteological indicators of weapon-use

Research Summary:
Jill Rhodes is interested in the functional and behavioral morphology of the humerus and biomechanical adaptations to the upper limb. Recent work includes the examination of humeral torsion as an adaptation to strenuous activity, the relationship between humeral architecture and biomechanical efficiency, as well as the identification through cross-sectional analysis of different movement patterns likely related to weapon use in a sample of medieval combatants.

Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Rhodes, J.A. & Churchill, S.E.. "Throwing in the Middle And Upper Paleolithic: Inferences from an Analysis of Humeral Torsion." J Hum Evol (2007). (in revision)
  2. Rhodes JA. "Humeral torsion and retroversion in the literature - Reply." Am J Phys Anthropol (2007). (In press)
  3. Churchill SE and Rhodes JA. "The evolution of the human capacity for killing at a distance: The human fossil evidence for the evolution of projectile weaponry." The evolution of hominid diets: Integrating approaches to the study of Palaeolithic subsistence. Ed. Richards M and Hublin JJ. Springer-Verlag; Heidelberg, 2007  ((in press))
  4. Churchill, SE & Rhodes, JA. "How strong were the Neandertals? Leverage and muscularity at the shoulder and elbow in Mousterian Foragers." Periodicum Biologorum 108.4 (2006): 457-470.
  5. Rhodes, J.A. "Adaptations to humeral torsion in medieval Britain." Am J Phys Anthropol 130.2 (2006): 160-166.  [abs]
  6. Rhodes, J.A. and Knusel, C.J. "Activity-related skeletal change in medieval humeri: Cross-sectional and architectural alterations." Am J Phys Anthropol 128.3 (2005): 536-564.  [abs]

  • Ph.D., University of Bradford, 2004
  • M.Sc., University of Bradford, 2000
  • B.Sc. (Hons), University of Sheffield, 1998

Typical Courses Taught:

BAA 280L, Advanced Human Osteology   



Contact Info: 

04a Bio Sci Bldg | +1 919 660 7392 | j.a.rhodes@duke.edu | www.baa.duke.edu/fieldschool/index.html

Curriculum Vitae

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