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Publications [#44401] of Ann C. Zumwalt

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Journal Articles

  1. Zumwalt AC, Hamrick MW, Schmitt D. "A force platform for measuring the ground reaction forces in small animal locomotion." Journal of Biomechanics (Winter, 2005). (In press. Accepted 10 October 2005. Available online 13 December 2005.) [science]
    (last updated on 2005/12/30)

    The importance of kinetic force plate studies of locomotion in small animals has grown recently with the increasing use of rodent models for studies of musculoskeletal diseases. However, the force plates for use with animals much smaller than a cat are difficult to design and use. Here we present data on a commercially available small force plate that accurately collects whole-body and, in a modified form, single-limb ground reaction forces in mice. The method used here is convenient, inexpensive, and readily adaptable for use with a variety of small species.

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