Alexander Rosenberg, Professor of Philosophy  

Alexander Rosenberg

PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, 1971
BA, City College of New York, 1967

Office Location: 203a W Duke Building
Office Phone: (919) 660-3047
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Philosophy of Biology
Philosophy of Social Science
Philosophy of Science

Areas of Interest:
Philosophy of Biology,
Philosophy of Cognitive, Behavioral, & Social Science,

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  2. A. Rosenberg, Reflexivity, Uncertainty and the Unity of Science, Review of Economic Methodology (Accepted, Winter, 2013), pp. 14 .
  3. A. Rosenberg, Philosphy of Science: A Contemporary Approach, Second Edition, portuguese translation (Summer, 2013), Edicioes Loyola .
  4. A. Rosenberg, "Theism and Allism", in The Philosophy of Peter Van Inwagen, edited by John Christopher Adorno Keller (2013), Oxford University Press .
  5. A. Rosenberg, "Why I am a naturalist", in The Armchair or the Laboratory, edited by Matthew Haug (2013), pp. 32-35, Routledge .