Developmental Biology Faculty

Developmental Biology includes production of gametes, fertilization, development of the embryo, emergence of the adult organism, senescence, and death. Developmental biologists in the department attempt to understand the molecular, genetic, cellular, and integrative aspects of building an organism. Faculty in developmental biology address mechanisms underlying plant, animal and fungal development. They ask how development changed during evolution. They use genomics, biochemistry, microscopy, genetics, and other tools to explore development in a number of model organisms. The breadth of research in development in the Biology Department provides students with an excellent perspective of this highly dynamic discipline in biology.

  • Daniele Armaleo, Associate Professor Of The Practice
       Developmental and molecular biology of symbiosis in lichens

  • Ryan Baugh, Assistant Professor
       Developmental genetics and genomics

  • Amy Bejsovec, Associate Professor
       Genetic control of cell fate specification in Drosophila

  • Philip N Benfey, Paul Kramer Professor and Investigator, HHMI
       Plant Developmental Genetics and Genomics

  • Meng Chen, Assistant Professor
       Light signaling and nuclear organization in plants

  • Daniel P Kiehart, Professor and Dean of Natural Sciences
       Biophysical approaches to cellular, molecular and developmental biology

  • David R McClay, Professor
       Developmental Biology

  • H Frederik Nijhout, Professor
       Developmental physiology/development and evolution

  • Zhen-Ming Pei, Associate Professor
       Plant Sensory Signal Transduction

  • Alyssa K Perz-Edwards, Lecturer and Assistant Dean, Trinity College

  • V. Louise Roth, Professor
       Morphological and molecular evolution in mammals: size, shape, and ontogeny

  • David R. Sherwood, Associate Professor
       Understanding morphogenetic mechanisms in development

  • Kathleen K Smith, Professor
       Functional morphology and evolution of vertebrates; craniofacial development, evolutionary morphology

  • Tai-Ping Sun, Professor
       Mechanisms of phytohormone controlled growth and development

  • Pelin Cayirlioglu Volkan, Assistant Professor
       Genetic Regulation of Olfactory Circuit Assembly and Remodeling in Drosophila

  • Gregory A Wray, Professor of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology and Director, Center for Evolutionary Genomics
       Evolution of gene networks and developmental mechanisms

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