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Papers Published

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Papers Accepted

  1. Schoepfer, V.A., E.S. Bernhardt and A.J. Burgin, Iron Clad Wetlands: Soil iron-sulfur buffering determines coastal wetland response to salt water incursion, JGR Biogeosciences (2013) .
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  3. Bier, R.L., K.A. Voss and E.S. Bernhardt, Microbial community composition, but not diversity, shifts across a gradient of alkaline mountaintop mine drainage in Central Appalachian streams, ISME Journal (2013) .

Papers Submitted

  1. Duncan, J.M., L.E. Band, P.M. Groffman and E.S. Bernhardt, Ecohydrologic Controls of Seasonal Nitrogen Export in a Forested Headwater Catchment, Water Resources Research (2013) .
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