The study of heredity and gene action is one of the most rapidly developing fields of biology. A thorough understanding of genetics is essential to modern advances in agriculture, medicine, and many industrial fields dealing with biological diversity. The information content of genetic sequences is enormous and is rapidly becoming a major tool in tracing evolutionary lineages and in reassessing biological classification.

  • Daniele Armaleo, Associate Professor Of The Practice
       Developmental and molecular biology of symbiosis in lichens

  • Ryan Baugh, Assistant Professor
       Developmental genetics and genomics

  • Amy Bejsovec, Associate Professor
       Genetic control of cell fate specification in Drosophila

  • Philip N Benfey, Paul Kramer Professor and Investigator, HHMI
       Plant Developmental Genetics and Genomics

  • John E Boynton, Professor Emeritus

  • Sherryl A Broverman, Associate Professor of the Practice
       science literacy for non-majors; science education reform; the interaction of gender, education and global health

  • Meng Chen, Assistant Professor
       Light signaling and nuclear organization in plants

  • Xinnian Dong, Professor
       Plant-Microbe interactions

  • Kathleen Donohue, Professor
       Evolutionary ecology and genetics of natural plant populations, genetic basis of adaptation, gene-environment interactions

  • Nicholas W Gillham, James B Duke Professor Emeritus

  • Steve Haase, Associate Professor
       Control of cell cycle, DNA replication, and centrosome duplication in budding yeast

  • Alison Hill, Assistant Professor of the Practice

  • Daniel P Kiehart, Professor and Dean of Natural Sciences
       Biophysical approaches to cellular, molecular and developmental biology

  • Paul M Magwene, Associate Professor
       Evolutionary Genomics, Systems Biology, and Bioinformatics

  • John M Mercer, Associate Professor Of The Practice
       Molecular evolution, Evolution, Mathematical biology, Morphometrics

  • Thomas Mitchell-Olds, Professor
       Ecological and evolutionary genomics; Complex trait variation; Drought tolerance and food security

  • H Frederik Nijhout, Professor
       Developmental physiology/development and evolution

  • Mohamed A. Noor, Professor and Chair
       Speciation and evolutionary genetics, recombination

  • Zhen-Ming Pei, Associate Professor
       Plant Sensory Signal Transduction

  • Mark D Rausher, Professor
       Evolutionary Genetics and Molecular Evolution

  • Allen G. Rodrigo, Professor and Director of NESCent
       Computational evolutionary biology

  • David R. Sherwood, Associate Professor
       Understanding morphogenetic mechanisms in development

  • Nina T Sherwood, Associate Professor of the Practice and IGSP Scholar
       Functions of spastin and other microtubule severing proteins in the nervous system; Drosophila models of human disease

  • James N. Siedow, Professor
       Function and regulation of plant respiratory pathways

  • Tai-Ping Sun, Professor
       Mechanisms of phytohormone controlled growth and development

  • Marcy K Uyenoyama, Professor
       Population genetics, molecular evolution

  • Rytas Vilgalys, Professor
       Phylogenetic systematics and molecular evolution in fungi

  • Pelin Cayirlioglu Volkan, Assistant Professor
       Genetic Regulation of Olfactory Circuit Assembly and Remodeling in Drosophila

  • Huntington F Willard, Adjunct Professor of Biology
       Genome biology, human genetics and genomics, epigenetics

  • John H Willis, Professor
       Evolutionary genetics in natural plant populations

  • Anne D. Yoder, Professor and Director, Duke Lemur Center
       Phylogeny and evolution of mammals, ; conservation genetics; historical biogeography and biodiversity of Madagascar

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