Organismal Biology and Behavior

Duke's Biology Department has a strong history of research and training in organismal biology and behavior. Physiology, comparative biomechanics, developmental biology, paleontology and macroevolution, neurobiology and behavioral ecology are all well-represented, with faculty working in diverse systems (both plant and animal) and on a large range of interesting problems in these fields. Organismal biology underlies and connects with essentially all major disciplines in biology, so faculty and students in this group have strong intellectual ties across the department.

  • Susan C Alberts, Professor
       Behavorial ecology and ecological genetics of large mammals

  • Vikas Bhandawat, Assistant Professor
       Drosophila olfaction

  • Sonke Johnsen, Professor
       Comparative physiology; focusing on vision, crypsis, optics, and bioluminescence in the open ocean

  • Peter H Klopfer, Professor Emeritus
       animal behavior and behavioral ecology

  • Daniel A Livingstone, James B Duke Professor Emeritus and Research Professor

  • Dan McShea, Professor
       Hierarchy Theory, Macroevolution, Philosophy of Biology

  • H Frederik Nijhout, Professor
       Developmental physiology/development and evolution

  • Stephen Nowicki, Professor of Biology and Dean of Undergraduate Education
       Function, structure, and evolution of animal signaling systems

  • V. Louise Roth, Professor
       Morphological and molecular evolution in mammals: size, shape, and ontogeny

  • Kathleen K Smith, Professor
       Functional morphology and evolution of vertebrates; craniofacial development, evolutionary morphology

  • John Staddon, James B Duke Professor of Psychology and Professor of Biology

  • Vance A Tucker, Professor Emeritus

  • Marcy K Uyenoyama, Professor
       Population genetics, molecular evolution

  • Steven Vogel, Research Professor
       Life in moving fluids

  • Stephen A. Wainwright, James B. Duke Professor Emeritus
       Biomechanics; Design in organisms and engineering

  • Richard A White, University Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus and University Marshal
       Comparative anatomy of vascular plants

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