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Papers Published

  1. Pan, JW; Barish, S; Li, T; Hueston, C; Olsen, D; Zhao, S; Mukherjee, S; Jones, CD; Volkan, PC, Stability and plasticity in the Drosophila olfactory system across timescales, Chemical Senses, vol. 42 no. 2 (February, 2017), pp. E3-E3, OXFORD UNIV PRESS .

Papers Submitted

  1. Qingyun Li, Tal Soo Ha, Sumie Okuwa, Sean Millard, Dean P. Smith and Pelin Cayirlioglu Volkan, Rotund fine-tunes sensory organ precursor identity to diversify olfactory receptor neuron classes in Drosophila. (December, 2011)  [abs].


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