Richard B. Forward, Professor  

Richard B. Forward

PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
BS, Stanford University

Office Location: DUML
Office Phone: (252) 504-7610
Email Address:

marine science

Research Categories: Behavior and physiology of marine animals during vertical and horizontal migrations. Marine crabs and fishes. Marine ecology.

Research Description:

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  1. Cohen, J.H., T.W. Cronin, N. L. Lessios and R.B. Forward, Jr., Visual physiology underlying orientation and rhythmic behavior in the sand beach amphipod Talorchestia longicornis., Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 213 (2010), pp. 3843-3851 .
  2. Forward, R.B., Jr. and J. H. Cohen, Vertical migration of aquatic animals., in Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior. Breed, M. D. and Moore, J., eds. Academic Press, Oxford, vol. 3 (2010), pp. 485-490 .
  3. Forward, R.B., Jr., E. Freeman, K. Gall, K. Saba., Seasonal changes in entrainment cues for the circadian rhythm of the supratidal amphipod Talorchestia longicornis., Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology, vol. 43 no. 305-319 (2010) .
  4. Walsh, M.E., M.H. Bourla, C. M. Sabella and R. B. Forward, Jr., Y-axis orientation in the supratidal amphipod Talorchestia longicornis (Say): Hierarchy of sun, beach slope and landmarks as orientation cues., Marine and Freshwater Behavior and Physiology, vol. 43 (2010), pp. 203-220 .

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