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  1. Metcalf, CJE; Mitchell-Olds, T, Life history in a model system: opening the black box with Arabidopsis thaliana., Ecology Letters, vol. 12 no. 7 (July, 2009), pp. 593-600 [19473216], [doi] .
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    A broad research programme in Arabidopsis thaliana has provided estimates of selection on specific alleles in specific contexts, and identified geographic patterns of alleles in genes linked to timing of flowering. A closely related field has successfully captured many key axes of the evolution of timing of flowering in other monocarpic species through statistical and demographic modelling of large empirical databases. There has as yet been no synthesis between these two fields. Here we examine ways in which the two fields inform each other, and how this synergy will shape our knowledge of life-history evolution as a whole.