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  1. Heidel, AJ; Clauss, MJ; Kroymann, J; Savolainen, O; Mitchell-Olds, T, Natural variation in MAM within and between populations of Arabidopsis lyrata determines glucosinolate phenotype., Genetics, vol. 173 no. 3 (July, 2006), pp. 1629-1636 [16702431], [doi] .
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    The genetic variation that underlies the glucosinolate phenotype of Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. petraea was investigated between and within populations. A candidate glucosinolate biosynthetic locus (MAM, containing methylthioalkylmalate synthase genes) was mapped in A. lyrata to a location on linkage group 6 corresponding to the homologous location for MAM in A. thaliana. In A. thaliana MAM is responsible for side chain elongation in aliphatic glucosinolates, and the MAM phenotype can be characterized by the ratios of long- to short-chain glucosinolates. A quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis of glucosinolate ratios in an A. lyrata interpopulation cross found one QTL at MAM. Additional QTL were identified for total indolic glucosinolates and for the ratio of aliphatic to indolic glucosinolates. MAM was then used as the candidate gene for a within-population cosegregation analysis in a natural A. lyrata population from Germany. Extensive variation in microsatellite markers at MAM was found and this variation cosegregated with the same glucosinolate ratios as in the QTL study. The combined results indicate that both between- and within-population genetic variation in the MAM region determines phenotypic variation in glucosinolate side chains in A. lyrata.