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  1. Mitchell-Olds, T; Waller, DM, Relative Performance of Selfed and Outcrossed Progeny in Impatiens capensis, Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution, vol. 39 no. 3 (May, 1985), pp. 533-533, JSTOR [doi] .
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    This study compares survival and growth of progeny derived from chasmogamous (CH) and cleistogamous (CL) flowers in Impatiens capensis, a forest annual. When progeny were grown in the field, CH seeds had significantly higher survival rates over winter (64% versus 56%), and the survival advantage of outcrossed progeny was not attributable to seed weight differences. No differences in seedling growth were detected. Greenhouse comparisons revealed no difference in seed survival but a 30% growth advantage to CH seedlings. We found no changes in developmental homeostasis of three leaf shape characters between inbred and outbred progeny, nor was there any difference in variability within CH and CL families. The outcrossing advantage observed in these experiments could not have been caused by avoidance of sib competition. Theory predicts that self-pollinated progenies may be more variable than outcrossed progenies if rare, recessive alleles are important contributors to genetic variances. Electrophoretic markers indicate that progeny derived from CH flowers are predominantly outcrossed (at least 54-97%).