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  1. Clauss, MJ; Mitchell-Olds, T, Population genetics of tandem trypsin inhibitor genes in Arabidopsis species with contrasting ecology and life history., Molecular Ecology, vol. 12 no. 5 (May, 2003), pp. 1287-1299 [12694291], [doi] .
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    Duplicated genes are important in the evolution and ecology of plant-defences because herbivore and pathogen attack can be countered via functional diversification at two levels: among duplicated loci and within loci. We explore molecular sequence variation for two members of a defence-related gene family, Arabidopsis thaliana trypsin inhibitors (ATTI), in A. thaliana and a closely related species, A. lyrata subspp. petraea. A worldwide sample of the inbreeding annual A. thaliana had less genetic variation at two ATTI loci (piTOTAL