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Papers Published

  1. Li, X; Zhang, Y; Clarke, JD; Li, Y; Dong, X, Identification and cloning of a negative regulator of systemic acquired resistance, SNI1, through a screen for suppressors of npr1-1, Cell, vol. 98 no. 3 (1999), pp. 329 [10458608], [doi] .
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    Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) is a plant immune response induced after a local infection by necrotizing pathogens. The Arabidopsis NPR1 gene is a positive regulator of SAR, essential for transducing the SAR signal salicylic acid (SA). Mutations in the NPR1 gene abolish the SA-induced expression of pathogenesis-related (PR) genes and resistance to pathogens. To identify additional regulators of SAR, we screened for suppressors of npr1-1. In the npr1-1 background, the sni1 (suppressor of npr1-1, inducible 1) mutant shows near wild-type levels of PR1 expression and resistance to pathogens after induction. Restoration of SAR in npr1-1 by the recessive sni1 mutation indicates that wild-type SNI1 may function as a negative regulator of SAR. We cloned the SNI1 gene and found that it encodes a leucine-rich nuclear protein.