John M Mercer, Associate Professor Of The Practice  

John M Mercer

PhD, Yale University, 1981

Office Location: BioSci: 239
Office Phone: (919) 660-7354
Email Address:


Research Categories: Molecular evolution, Evolution, Mathematical biology, Morphometrics

Research Description:

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  1. John M. Mercer and V. Louise Roth, The Effects of Cenozoic Global Change on Squirrel Phylogeny, Science, vol. 299 no. 5612 (March, 2003), pp. 1568-1572, American Association for the Advancement of Science  [abs] [author's comments].
  2. Zeng, Z.-B., J. Liu, L. F. Stam, C.-H. Kao, J. M. Mercer, and C. C. Laurie, Genetic Architecture of a Morphological Shape Difference Between Two Drosophila Species, Genetics, vol. 154 (January, 2000), pp. 299-310  [abs].
  3. V. Louise Roth and John M. Mercer, Morphometrics in Development and Evolution, American Zoologist, vol. 40 no. 5 (October, 2000), pp. 801-810  [abs].