Blanka Aguero, Data Manager  

Blanka Aguero

I work as data manager in Duke University Herbarium. I maintain collections and databases of bryophytes, oversee a databasing project of bryophytes, and assist in training undergraduate and graduate students in bryophyte diversity and herbarium management. I'm an active member of Duke Bryophyte Laboratory where I participate on research in bryophyte systematics. I am interested in bryophyte diversity of montane, alpine and wetland ecosystems. I have extensive field experience in temperate and boreal regions of Europe and North America, with focus mainly on mosses and liverworts. Born and raised in the Czech Republic.

PhD, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., 2004

Office Location: Biosci 371A, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: +1 919 660 7308
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Areas of Interest:
Systematics of bryophytes
Bryophyte diversity, ecology, and dynamics in montane and alpine ecosystems, wetlands, and hyperoceanic environments
Ecological bioinformatics

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