Blanka Shaw, Data Manager  

Blanka Shaw

PhD, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., 2004

Office Location: 365 BioSci
Office Phone: (919) 660-7308
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Areas of Interest:
Systematics of bryophytes
Bryophyte diversity, ecology, and dynamics in montane and alpine ecosystems, wetlands, and hyperoceanic environments
Ecological bioinformatics

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  1. Shaw, A.J., Shaw, B., Ricca, M. & Flatberg, K.I., A phylogenetic monograph of the Sphagnum subsecundum complex (Sphagnaceae) in eastern North America, Bryologist, vol. 115 no. 1 (2012), pp. 128-152 .
  2. Damayanti L., J. Munoz, S. Wicke, L. Symmank, B. Shaw, J.-P. Frahm & D. Quandt., Common but new: Bartramia rosamrosiae, a "new" widespread species of apple mosses (Bartramiales, Bryophytina) from the Mediterranean and western North America, Phytotaxa, vol. 73 (2012), pp. 37–59 .
  3. Johnson M.G., B. Shaw, P. Zhou, and A.J. Shaw., Genetic analysis of the peatmoss Sphagnum cribrosum (Sphagnaceae) indicates independent origins of an extreme infra-specific morphology shift, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 106 (2012), pp. 137-153 .
  4. Shaw A.J., Flatberg, K.I., Szövényi, P., Ricca,M., Johnson, M.G., Stenøien, H.K. & Shaw, B., Systematics of the Sphagnum fimbriatum complex: phylogenetic relationships, morphological variation, and allopolyploidy, Systematic Botany, vol. 37 (2012), pp. 15-30 .
  5. Wickett N.J., Forrest L.L., Budke J.M., Shaw B., Goffinet, B., Frequent pseudogenization and loss of the plastid-encoded sulfate-transport gene cysA throughout the evolution of liverworts, American Journal of Botany, vol. 98 no. 8 (2011), pp. 1263-1275 .