Rodolfo Zentella, Research Scientist  

Rodolfo Zentella

PhD, Washington University, 2002
BS, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Mexico, 1992

Office Location: 3108 FFSC
Office Phone: (919) 613-8222
Email Address:

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  1. WO Ng, R Zentella, Y Wang, JS Taylor and HB Pakrasi, PhrA, the major photoreactivating factor in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803 codes for a cyclobutane-pyrimidine-dimer-specific DNA photolyase., Archives of Microbiology, vol. 173 no. 5-6 (January, 2013), pp. 412-417  [abs].
  2. ZL Zhang, M Ogawa, CM Fleet, R Zentella, J Hu, JO Heo, J Lim, Y Kamiya, S Yamaguchi and TP Sun, SCARECROW-LIKE 3 promotes gibberellin signaling by antagonizing master growth repressor DELLA in Arabidopsis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 108 no. 5 (2011), pp. 2160-2165 [doi]  [abs].
  3. R Zentella, ZL Zhang, M Park, SG Thomas, A Endo, K Murase, CM Fleet, Y Jikumaru, E Nambara, Y Kamiya and TP Sun, Global analysis of DELLA direct targets in early gibberellin signaling in Arabidopsis, Plant Cell, vol. 19 no. 10 (2007), pp. 3037-3057 [doi]  [abs].
  4. YS You, H Marella, R Zentella, Y Zhou, T Ulmasov, TH Ho and RS Quatrano, Use of bacterial quorum-sensing components to regulate gene expression in plants., Plant Physiology, vol. 140 no. 4 (April, 2006), pp. 1205-1212  [abs].
  5. J Griffiths, K Murase, I Rieu, R Zentella, ZL Zhang, SJ Powers, F Gong, AL Phillips, P Hedden, TP Sun and SG Thomas, Genetic characterization and functional analysis of the GID1 gibberellin receptors in Arabidopsis, Plant Cell, vol. 18 no. 12 (2006), pp. 3399-3414 [doi]  [abs].