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Elizabeth A. Davis, Assistant Professor, On leave Fall 09

Office Location:  201G Friedl Building
Office Phone:  (919) 668-5252
Email Address:    send me a message
Web Page:  


  • PhD UC Berkeley 2005
  • MA UC Berkeley 1999
  • MPhil University of Cambridge 1998
  • BA Harvard University 1997

Research Interests:

My research in the eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus) focuses on the psyche and the body, their implication in social conflict and in the ties that bind people to communities and the state. I have just completed a book manuscript, "Bad Souls [Κακόψυχοι]: An Ethnography of Madness and Responsibility in Greek Thrace," which explores humanitarian psychiatric reform, and the ethics of personal responsibility for patients facing life “in the community,” in the culturally heterogeneous borderland between Greece and Turkey. In 2007, I began a new project on suspicion/paranoia, intelligence, and post-conflict statecraft in Cyprus. This project comprises research on both sides of the newly-porous border between northern and southern Cyprus, as well as a documentary film on cross-border movement, surveillance, and memory.

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