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List of Specialties: Cultural Anthropology

Name Specialties
Allison, Anne  Mass Culture, Neoliberalism, Asia, Sexuality, Popular Culture, Political Economy, Gender, Globalization of Culture, Marxism, Urban Anthropology, Transnationalism 
Baker, Lee D.  Race, Identity, North America, Australia, New Zealand & Oceanania, Ethnohistory, Race Studies, African Diaspora 
Evren, Can  Anthropology & History, Transnationalism 
Ewing, Katherine P.  Religious Movements, Identity, Migration, Psychological Anthropology, Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Nationalism, Gender, Methods 
Kirk, Robin  South America, Europe, Politics of Memory 
Litzinger, Ralph A.  Globalization, Transnationalism, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Social Movements, Migration, Asia 
Makhulu, Anne-Maria B.  Africa, Post Colonialism, Neoliberalism, Globalization, Urban Anthropology, Political Economy, Finance, Social Movements, Culture Theory 
Matory, J. Lorand  Anthropology & History, Africa, African Diaspora, Transnationalism 
Meintjes, Louise  Africa, Popular Culture 
Nelson, Diane M.  Identity, Gender, Central America & the Caribbean, Political Economy, Popular Culture 
O'Barr, William M.  Legal Anthropology, Popular Culture, Mass Culture, Globalization of Culture, Africa 
Piot, Charles D.  Transnationalism, Political Economy, Post Colonialism, Popular Culture, Africa, African Diaspora 
Silverblatt, Irene  Globalization of Culture, Political Economy, Nationalism, Gender 
Starn, Orin  Culture Theory, Globalization, South America, Social Movements, Popular Culture, North America, Identity, Politics of Memory 
Stein, Rebecca L.  Middle East, Mass Culture, Post Colonialism, Globalization, Sexuality, Culture Theory 
Webb, Christopher  Nationalism, North America, Psychological Anthropology, Gender, Transnationalism 
Wilson, Ara  Globalization, Sexuality, Asia 

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