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Research Interests for Michaeline A. Crichlow

Research Interests: Globalization, migration, postcolonialism, nationalism/citizenship, Development studies

Agriculture and state, Globalization--Economic aspects--Developing countries, Plantations, postcolonial criticism, Postcolonial Criticism
Recent Publications
  1. MA Crichlow, Negotiating Caribbean Freedom: Situating “Development’s Agrarian Culture, in The ‘Will to Improve’ and the Demand for Authenticity, manual (September, 2015)
  2. MA Crichlow, An E-bay Imaginary Meets Social Inequality, manual (September, 2015)
  3. MA Crichlow, Power and its Subjects: Development Dilemmas, Postcolonial Restructuring of Rural Spaces/Places/Identities and State Reconfigurations in Contemporary Globalization Processes, manual (September, 2015)
  4. MA Crichlow and P Northover, Land Grabs, Imperial Formations and the Politics of Space and Place– Mapping the China Effect in Africa, in Development and Displacement: China and its Global Footprint, edited by C Rojas and R Litzinger, manual (September, 2015), Duke University Press
  5. MA Crichlow, Making Waves: (Dis)Placements, Entanglements, Mo(ve)ments, manual (September, 2015)

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