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  • Whitney E Baker, Departmental User Svcs Spec
  • Gregory Britz, Associate Director for Operations & Finance
  • Bonnie Campbell, Art Director
  • Allen M Creech, Analyst, IT - Center for Documentary Studies of Trinity Office of Technology Services and IT/IS of Documentary Studies Certificate
  • Gail Exum, Departmental Business Mgr II (joint with MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts)
  • Wesley Hogan, Research Professor in the Franklin Humanities Institute and Director and Cief Executive Officer of Documentary Studies Certificate
  • Lynn McKnight, Associate Director for Programs and Communications
  • Dan Partridge, Research Associate
  • Christopher W Sims, Departmental User Svcs Spec of MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts and Director of Ed. & Curr./Certificate Program
  • David Wong, Accounting Staff Specialist

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