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Evan Donahue, of Art, Art History & Visual Studies and Computational Media Arts & Culture and Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

Evan Donahue

I study the history and contemporary practice of Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on Natural Language Processing. I am currently working on a dissertation entitled Android Linguistics, in which I trace how ideas about language and computation gave rise to the current set of metaphors through which we conceptualize languaging machines, and attempt to think through alternative arrangements that may provide useful perspectives for future work in AI.

Evan holds an Sc.B. in Computer Science & Mathematics and an A.B. in Modern Culture & Media from Brown University.

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Recent Publications

  1. Donahue, E, The Last Ship Sails: Raising the Titanic from Black Diamond Bay (Bob Dylan and the Old English Riddling Tradition) (2016), Lute & Drum

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