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Joungwon Kwon, Affiliate of Art, Art History & Visual Studies and Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

Joungwon Kwon

Joungwon (Jo) Kwon is a Computational Media MA student. Her goal is to become an interdisciplinary data expert. She spent her youth in Syracuse, Lansing, and Seoul. Jo received a B.A. in Applied Statistics and English and English Literature in Chung-Ang University, Seoul in 2017. She volunteered and worked at several international events such as PyeongChang Winter Special Olympics, World Rowing Championship, Seoul International Congress of Mathematicians, and World Short Track Speed Skating Championships. In the Duke Forest Conference 2016 on Economics in the Era of Natural Computationalism and Big Data, she presented “Obstacles in Utilizing Big Data in Korean Businesses.” She also presented a paper on "An overview of Telecommunications Policy’s 40-year research history: text and bibliographic analyses" at the 28th ITS European Conference 2017, Passau, Germany. Currently working on Adaptive Reuse of Rail Road Trails for Urban Redevelopment: A Study of the Durham Belt Line Trail. 

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