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Angela Zoss, Prof Library Staff of Duke University Libraries and Computational Media Arts & Culture and Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

Angela Zoss

Assessment & Data Visualization Analyst

Angela works as the Assessment & Data Visualization Analyst in the Assessment & User Experience department at Duke University Libraries. Prior to May 2018, she worked as the Data Visualization Coordinator for Data and Visualization Services. Since 2012, she has created many library workshops and short courses on visualization; consulted with students, researchers, and faculty members on research projects; and helped to introduce visualization concepts and tools into a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. She co-organizes a weekly talk series on visualization topics and is collaborating within and outside the Duke community to improve instructional and technical support for visualization projects.  She holds a Master of Science in Communication from Cornell University and a Doctorate in Information Science from Indiana University. Her specialties include information visualization, network visualization, and scientometrics.

Ph.D. in Information Science, Indiana University (2018)
M.S. in Communication, Cornell University (2008)
B.A. in Cognitive Science and Communication & Culture, Indiana University (2003)

Contact Info:
Office Location:  233 Perkins Library, 411 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  +1 919 684 8186
Email Address: send me a message
Web Pages:


Context-aware computing • Human-computer interaction • Information networks • Information organization • Information Science • Information Seeking Behavior • Information visualization • Medical Subject Headings • MEDLINE • Ontology • PubMed • Social sciences--Network analysis • Text processing (Computer science) • User interfaces (Computer systems) • Visual analytics • Visual communication • Visual literacy • Visualization

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