Alberto E Ciferri, Visiting Professor

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Chemistry 339
Special Topics: Supramolecular Assemblies

A series of 9 lectures concentrating on supramolecular assemblies and the fundamental aspects of molecular recognition underlying polymer nanotechnology. No text. Class lecture notes to be distributed and readings will be from the primary literature. 1 graduate unit credit, graded pass/fail.
Instructor: Alberto Ciferri (Visiting Professor).
MWF, 11:55-12:45.
From September 8 through September 27.
Room 205-C, Gross Chemistry.
Limit 15.


(Self-Assembly of Nano→Mesoscopic Structures)

1. Definitions (1)

2. Molecular Recognition (5)

3. Localized Interactions
a. The bonds (7)
b. Multi stage open association (9)
c. Helical growth (11)

4. Non-specific Interactions
a. Compatibility (14)
b. Micellization (16)
c. Microsegregation (19)
d. Liquid crystallinity (20)
e. Growth-coupled-to-orientation (23)

5. Real System, Nanotechnology, Functions
a. Linear, helical SPs (24)
b. Helical and Columnar SPs (26)
c. SLC (28)
d. Shish-Kebab composites (29)
e. Planar SPs (31)
f. 3-D SPs (33)