Publications [#285285] of Dorian Canelas

Journal Articles

  1. Comer, DK; Clark, CR; Canelas, DA, "Writing to learn and learning to write across the disciplines: Peer-to-peer writing in introductory-level MOOCs", International Review of Research in Open and Distance LearningJanuary,, 2014, 15(5), 26-82 [repository], [doi].
    (last updated on 2021/07/20)

    This study aimed to evaluate how peer-to-peer interactions through writing impact student learning in introductory-level massive open online courses (MOOCs) across disciplines. This article presents the results of a qualitative coding analysis of peer-to-peer interactions in two introductory level MOOCs: English Composition I: Achieving Expertise and Introduction to Chemistry. Results indicate that peer-to-peer interactions in writing through the forums and through peer assessment enhance learner understanding, link to course learning objectives, and generally contribute positively to the learning environment. Moreover, because forum interactions and peer review occur in written form, our research contributes to open distance learning (ODL) scholarship by highlighting the importance of writing to learn as a significant pedagogical practice that should be encouraged more in MOOCs across disciplines.