Publications [#285294] of Dorian Canelas

Journal Articles

  1. Canelas, DA; DeSimone, JM, "Polymerizations in Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide", Shape Memory Polymers, 1997, 133, 102-140.
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    In the past few years, remarkable progress has been made in defining the scope and limitations of carbon dioxide (CO2) as an inert polymerization medium. It has appear that CO2 represents a viable solvent choice for a variety of propagation mechanisms including both chain growth and step growth polymerizations. When the environmental advantages of CO2 are combined with its ability to be used as a solvent/dispersing medium for a wide variety of chemical reactions, it becomes clear that CO2 may be the solvent of the future for the polymer industry. In addition, the design and synthesis of micelle-forming surfactants for CO2 opens the doors for use of surfactant-modified CO2 as the medium for heterogeneous polymerizations. This review will focus on the use of CO2 as an inert solvent for the synthesis and processing of polymers.