Linda B. McGown

Linda B. McGown

Office: 327
Phone: 919-660-1545, 919-660-1500
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Research Interests

Professor McGown’s research spans the areas of analytical chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, environmental analysis and biotechnology. Interests include fluorescence lifetime analysis, fluorescence probe techniques, genomics, proteomics, capillary electrochromatography, biomaterials and environmental analysis. Current projects include (1) on-the-fly fluorescence lifetime detection in capillary electrophoresis for genomics (DNA sequencing, fingerprinting, and mutation detection), (2) creation of novel chromatographic stationary phases from DNA aptamers and related oligonucleotides, (3) on-the-fly fluorescence lifetime detection for studies of humic substances and their role in environmental contamination, and (4) studies of novel biomaterials.


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