Alex Kovach, Postdoctoral Associate

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Recent Publications

  1. Kovach, AR; Hoff, KE; Canty, JT; Orans, J; Brennan, RG, Recognition of U-rich RNA by Hfq from the Gram-positive pathogen Listeria monocytogenes., Rna (New York, N.Y.), vol. 20 no. 10 (October, 2014), pp. 1548-1559 [doi]  [abs].
  2. Robinson, KE; Orans, J; Kovach, AR; Link, TM; Brennan, RG, Mapping Hfq-RNA interaction surfaces using tryptophan fluorescence quenching., Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 42 no. 4 (February, 2014), pp. 2736-2749 [doi]  [abs].
  3. Wibowo, AS; Singh, M; Reeder, KM; Carter, JJ; Kovach, AR; Meng, W; Ratnam, M; Zhang, F; Dann, CE, Structures of human folate receptors reveal biological trafficking states and diversity in folate and antifolate recognition, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 110 no. 38 (September, 2013), pp. 15180-15188, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [doi] .