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Research Interests for Alicia Jiménez

Research Interests:

Alicia's research engages with archaeological theory and Roman visual and material culture, specifically in the western and central Mediterranean in the period 218 BCE-200 CE. In particular, she focuses on the study of Roman expansion in the western Mediterranean, Roman colonialism, cultural change and monetization in Hispania, with a special emphasis in funerary, urban and military contexts.

Antiquities, Roman, Archaeology, Coins, Classical, Material culture, postcolonialism, Postcolonialism
Recent Publications
  1. Jiménez, A; Bermejo, J; Liceras, R; Moreno, F; Tardio, K, Archaeological perspectives on the siege of Numantia: the new fieldwork project at the Roman camps at Renieblas (Spain, 2nd-1st c. BCE), in Conflict Archaeology: Materialities of Collective Violence in Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Europe (2018), edited by Fernández-Götz, M; Roymans, N (2017), pp. 115-126
  2. Jiménez, A, Standard time: typologies in Roman antiquity, in Materializing Roman Histories: Beyond Instrumentalism and Representation (in press), edited by Van Oyen, A; Pitts, M (2017), Oxbow Books
  3. Jiménez, A, Las monedas halladas durante las excavaciones de A. Schulten en Renieblas, in Adolf Schulten y Numancia, edited by Baquedano, E (2017), Museo Arqueológico Regional Comunidad de Madrid
  4. Jiménez, A, Money: its interpretation. An archaeological and anthropological perspective., in A Cultural History of Money in Antiquity (in press), edited by Krmnicek, S (2017), Bloomsbury Publishing
  5. Jiménez, A, What is a province?, in Beyond Boundaries: Connecting Visual Cultures in the Roman Provinces, edited by Frakes, J; Egri, M; Alcock, S (2016), pp. 16-30, Getty Publications

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