Sarcophagus fragment
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Fragment of a marble Sarcophagus
ca. 230-240 ACE
Duke Museum of Art


  1. González, JM. "A Diachronic Metapoetics of Reception: Homeric κλέος and Biblical זרע (zera‘)." Diachrony: Diachronic Studies of Ancient Greek Literature and Culture MythosEikonPoiesis WALTER DE GRUYTER  79-179.

    This article compares two examples (Greek and Hebrew) of what I call the "metapoetics of reception." These are instances in which the composition of a traditional work over the longue durée (here, the Iliad and the Hebrew scriptures) reflects the interaction by its authors with earlier textual stages of same work. I argue that understanding this dialectic of composition and reception is essential if one is to grasp aright the shifting meaning of key terms like κλέος or זרע.