Sarcophagus fragment
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Fragment of a marble Sarcophagus
ca. 230-240 ACE
Duke Museum of Art


  1. González, JM. "The Aristotelian psychology of tragic mimesis." The Poetics in Its Aristotelian Context. Edited by Heath, M; Munteanu, D.  vol. 64 Cambridge University Press  172-245. [doi]

    This paper argues that the psychology of mimesis presupposed by Poetics 4 is immediately relevant to Aristotle's psychology of tragic mimesis. at 1448b16 involve a cognitive mode characteristic of Aristotelian induction that joins particulars with universals through spontaneous, non-discursive noetic predication. Aristotle's view of the cognition of tragic mimesis can be subsumed under the practice of theōria: the inductive re-cognition of ethical universals is a 'theoric' exercise of philosophical reflection on the particulars of the tragic action, an associative intellection that actualizes the subject's knowledge by joining ethical universals with the particular mimetic praxeis they regard.