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Tara Wells,

Tara Wells

Tara (she/her) is a second-year PhD student in Classical Studies, pursuing a concentration in Archaeology. Tara received an MA from the University of Maryland - College Park (2020) and a BA from Oberlin College (2018), both in Latin & Greek. She has also studied at the Centro in Rome and at the American Academy in Rome (Roman Pottery Summer School), participated in Thucydides Dramaticus with the Hellenic Education Research Center in Greece, volunteered in Pottery & Small Finds at the American Excavations at Morgantina: Contrada Agnese Project, and interned in Conservation at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian.

Tara is interested broadly in identity in antiquity, especially representations of marginalized identities from the classical world both of the Self and of Others. She aspires to use interdisciplinary approaches to consider how and why people present themselves or others certain ways across different sources such as texts and material culture. Tara is also devoted to making the study of Classics and academia at large more accessible and inclusive of traditionally underrepresented identities in the field. She currently serves on the Mountaintop Coalition Steering Committee.

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