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Biographical Info of Jed W. Atkins

      Jed Atkins, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Classical Studies, earned both an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History and a PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge. His research focuses mainly on Greek and Roman political thought and ethics. In addition, he works on the modern reception of ancient philosophy and the relationship between Greco-Roman philosophy and early Christian moral and political thought. Professor Atkins is especially interested in Roman philosophy, and much of his research has focused on Cicero’s political philosophy. His book, Cicero on Politics and the Limits of Reason, examines the political philosophy of Cicero's Republic and Laws.  He has also written on such topics as conscience in later Greek philosophy, the reception of Cicero's natural right teaching in eighteenth century political thought, St. Ambrose's De officiis, Zeno's Republic and natural law, and the relationship between constitution and empire in Roman political thought. Current projects include papers on the concept of politeia and the development of political science in Greek and Roman political thought, the political philosophy of Cicero’s De officiis, and a book on Roman political thought for Cambridge's Key Themes in Ancient History series.
     Atkins teaches courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level in Latin literature as well as Greek and Roman thought. Past and near-future courses include seminars on Lucretius, Sallust, Roman Political Philosophy, Cicero's philosophy, comparative political regimes, and ancient and modern conceptions of democracy.  

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