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Classical Studies : Research Interests


  1. Carla M. Antonaccio, Anthropology, Archaeology and art, Archaeology and history, Architecture, Excavations (Archaeology)
  2. Jed W. Atkins, Cicero; Greek, Roman, and early Christian political and moral philosophy; history of political thought
  3. Mary T. Boatwright, Roman history, especially the social and political history of the empire; topography of Rome; Rome's northern frontiers; Roman women; Latin historiography
  4. N. Gregson Davis, Caribbean literature (English), Caribbean literature (French), Latin literature, Martinican literature (French)
  5. Maurizio Forte, Digital knowledge of the past, Classical Archaeology, Iron Age, Etruscology, Cybernetics, Neuro-Art, Simulations, Memetics
  6. José M. González, Greek poetry (archaic to Hellenistic); ancient rhetoric and literary criticism; ...
  7. Micaela W. Janan, Employment
  8. Alicia Jiménez, Antiquities, Roman, Archaeology, Coins, Classical, Material culture, postcolonialism, Postcolonialism
  9. William Johnson, Athens (Greece)--Intellectual life, Books and reading, Libraries, Literature and society, manuscripts, greek (papyri), Manuscripts, Greek (papyri), Music, Greek and Roman, Readers, Second Sophistic movement
  10. Joshua D. Sosin, economic history--to 500, Economic History--to 500, inscriptions, Inscriptions, Law, manuscripts, greek (papyri), Manuscripts, Greek (papyri), numismatics, ancient, Numismatics, Ancient, Religion
  11. Jennifer C. Woods, Late and Medieval Latin Literature; early medieval homiletics, monastic culture; ...


  1. Sheila Dillon, Greek sculpture; portraiture; funerary monuments
  2. Michael T. Ferejohn, Ancient Philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophical Logic
  3. Laura S. Lieber, History of Biblical Interpretation; Rabbinics; Early and Medieval Synagogue


  1. Peter H. Burian, Greek literature, particularly drama; theory and practice of literary translation; ...
  2. Kent J. Rigsby, History
  3. Dennis K. Stanley, Homer, Hellenistic poetry, Greek lyric, Ancient novel, Greek vase painting, ...

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