Publications [#303235] of Ava L. Vinesett


  1. Vinesett, AL, First Person: Artists Talk About Their Art, edited by Dowell, FO, Dream/Girl Magazine, vol. 1 (February, 2014), pp. 9-10, Dream/Girl Magazine
    (last updated on 2022/05/18)

    "I was either two or three years old when New York hosted the World’s Fair. I sat in my stroller, mesmerized by all the colors and sounds that surrounded me. For the first time ever, the drumming styles of West Africa met my ears, and I remember the feeling of thunder as the vibrations from the African drums resonated in my small body. I was so excited I could barely sit still. My heart was pounding, my feet were kicking, and were it not for the restraint which secured me to that four-wheeled contraption, I could have leapt as high, danced with the same lightning speed, or sang as loud as any of the performers before me."

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