Arlie O. Petters, Benjamin Powell Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics

Arlie O. Petters

Please note: Arlie has left the "Economics" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

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Mathematical Physics
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Recent Publications

  1. Aazami, AB; Keeton, CR; Petters, AO, Magnification cross sections for the elliptic umbilic caustic surface, Universe, vol. 5 no. 7 (July, 2019) [doi]  [abs]
  2. A. O. Petters and M. C. Werner, Gravitational Lensing and Black Holes (Spring, 2017), Springer, in preparation
  3. A. O. Petters and X. Dong, An Introduction to Mathematical Finance: Understanding and Building Financial Intuition, SUMAT (Winter, 2016), Springer, in preparation
  4. Petters, AO; Dong, X, An Introduction to Mathematical Finance with Applications Understanding and Building Financial Intuition (June, 2016), pp. 483 pages, SPRINGER, ISBN 1493937812  [abs]
  5. Aazami, AB; Keeton, CR; Petters, AO, Lensing by Kerr black holes. II: Analytical study of quasi-equatorial lensing observables, Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 52 no. 10 (October, 2011), pp. 102501-102501, AIP Publishing, ISSN 0022-2488 [doi]  [abs]