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Curriculum Vitae

Connel Fullenkamp

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Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708-0097 (919) 660-1843 (office)

Ph.D. Harvard University1992
M.A. Harvard University1989
B.A.Michigan State University1987
Areas of Interest

financial market development
regulation of financial markets

Areas of Experience

Professor of the Practice, Economics Department, July 2010-Present.

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics Department, July 2008-Present.

Associate Professor of the Practice, Economics Department, July 2006-June 2010.

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics Department, July 2004-July 2008.

Consultant, Duke Center for International Development, Duke University, June 2003-Present.

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Duke University, Durham, NC. August 1999-July 2004.

Visiting Scholar and Consultant, IMF Institute, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C. January 1999-Present.

Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Business Economics, University of Notre Dame, August 1992-June 1999.

Commercial Experience / Industrial Expertise

Developed “Macroprudential Policies,” a one-week course on methods of macroprudential risk measurement and management for government officials offered by the IMF Institute. Taught course in Lima, Peru, October 2011. Course is scheduled for annual presentation in IMF regional training programs.

Developed and led “Measures to Mitigate the Impact of the Financial Crisis and World Economic Recession on Financial Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean,” two-day workshop for Inter-American Development Bank economists, October 1-2, 2009.

Developed and taught “Financial Risk Management” for advanced undergraduates at Duke University, Fall 2008; currently teach the course every second academic year.

Developed “Mortgage Markets, Securitization and Structured Finance,” a one-week course on securitization and the Subprime Crisis offered by IMF Institute. Course offered semiannually since October 2008.

Duke Center for International Development: Developed and taught “Creating Value Through Corporate Financial Management,” a one-week intensive corporate finance course for international executives.

Department of Economics, Duke University: Developed “Basic Corporate Finance and Investments,” a one-semester introduction to essentials of finance for undergraduates. Currently teaching the course each semester.

IMF Institute: Developed “Financial Markets and New Financial Instruments,” a two-week intensive finance course for financial market regulators from developing economies. Currently teach the course 3-5 times per year with members of IMF Institute staff.

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Alumni Distingushed Undergraduate Teaching Award, Duke University Alumni Association, September, 2005
Duke University Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award nominee, 2000-2004
Harry S. Truman Scholarship, 1985
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1988
University of Notre Dame College of Business Outstanding Teacher Award, 1998
Publications (listed separately)

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