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Craufurd Goodwin, James B Duke Professor

Craufurd Goodwin
Contact Info:
Office Location:  07b Social Sciences Building
Office Phone:  (919) 684-3936
Email Address: send me a message


PhDDuke University1958
B.A. (Honors)McGill University1955

History of Economics
Research Interests: Economic History

Current projects: an examination of the role of communities in the history of economics

Professor Goodwin specializes in the history of economic thought and policy. He has co-authored or edited over one hundred works over the last four decades. He recently published a chapter on “Art and Culture in the History of Economics,” to the Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture and a chapter on Keynes and Bloomsbury to the Cambridge Companion to Keynes. His latest published works include "The History of Economic Thought" and “Economics and the Study of War” in the Second edition of the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, and "Ecologist Meets Economics:Aldo Leopold" in the Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

Professor Goodwin is editor of the journal History of Political Economy (Duke University Press) and the book series Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics (Cambridge University Press).

Areas of Interest:

history of economic thought and policy


history of economic thought • policy • cultural economics • art economics • Bloomsbury group • enviromental economics


Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. C. Goodwin, On Editing the History of Political Economy, in Secfrets of Economics Editors, ed. Michael Szenberg and Lall Ramrattan (2014), MIT Press
  2. C. Goodwin, Economic Thought, History of, in International Encyclopedia of the Behavioral and Social Sciences (2014), Elsevier (forthcoming.)
  3. C. Goodwin, Walter Lippmann Public Economist, History of Politcal Economy, vol. 45 (2013), pp. 92-113 (supplement.)
  4. C. Goodwin, Maynard Keynes of Bloomsbury, Mustarinda (2013) (Special issue on Keynes.)
  5. C. Goodwin, The First Gloablization Debate: Crusoe vs. Gulliver, Revistan dell'Associazione Rossi Doria no. 3 (Fall, 2011)

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