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Publications [#201220] of Gale A. Boyd

Working Papers

  1. Gale A. Boyd and Gang Zhang, Measuring Improvement in the Energy Performance of the U.S. Cement Industry (November, 2011) (Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions Report NI R 11-10, Duke University Durham, NC.) [available here]
    (last updated on 2013/01/07)

    Recognizing the potential of energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched ENERGY STAR for Industry to educate manufacturers on steps to improve their energy efficiency. Energy management strategy is a key component of the ENERGY STAR approach. This paper focuses primarily on development of an updated ENERGY STAR industrial Energy Performance Indicator (EPI) for the Cement industry and the change in the energy performance of the industry observed when the benchmarking system was updated from the original benchmark year of 1997 to the new benchmark of 2008.

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