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Curriculum Vitae

Henry G. Grabowski

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Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708-0097 (919) 660-1839 (office)

Ph.D.Princeton University1967
M.A.Princeton University1964
B.S.Lehigh University1962
Areas of Research

Economics of Innovation, Governmental Regulation of Business, and Economics of Pharmaceutical Industry

Professional Experience / Employment History

Duke University
Director, Program in Pharmaceuticals and Health Economics, 1983-present
Professor, Department of Economics, 1976-present
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, 1972-1976
International Institute of Management
Research Fellow, , 1976
National Bureau of Economic Research
Research Associate, , 1971-1972
Yale University
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, 1967-1971
Visiting Positions
Visiting Scholar, Health Care Financing Administration, 1979-1980
Publications (listed separately)
Professional Service

A&S Council
Academic Priorities Committee, 2000-2003  
Arts and Science Council, 2003-2004  
Staff Benefits, 2000-2002  
University Committee
Member, Faculty Compensation Committee, 2003-2004  
Dept Committee
Member, Editorial Committee for Departmental Newsletter, 2002-2003  
Member, Computerizing Database on Faculty Performance, 2002-2003  
Papers Refereed
"Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance" and "Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Economics", Associate Editor, 2003  
Institute of Medicine Studies on Vaccine Policy and Bioterrorism, Outside reviewer, 2002  
Reviewer, National Research Council of South Africa, 2003  
Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Board of Directors, 2000-2003  
American Council on Science and Health, Board of Scientifiic Advisors, 2000-2003  
American Enterprise Institute, Health Advisory Board, 1999-2003  
Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Health Affairs, Economic Inquiry, and Rand Journal, Journal reviewer, 1999-2003  
Institute of Medicine Study of Vaccine Policy, Outside Reviewer, 2003  
Health Affairs, Economic Inquiry, Health Economics, PharmcoEconomics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and the Journal of Health Economics, Journal reviews, 2003  
Adjunct Scholar and Advisory Board Member, Health Policy Research, present  
Member, Board of Scientific Advisors, American Council on Science and Health, present  
Associate Editor, Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Economics, present  
Program in Pharmaceuticals and Health Economics, Program Director, 1983-2003  
Member, Committee on Public-Private Sector Relations in Vaccine Innovation, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 1983-1985  
Advisory Panel Member, Office of Technology Assessment, The Patent System and Its Assessment on New Technological Enterprises,, 1982-1983  
Study Rapporteur, National Academy of Science Committee on Technology International Economic and Trade Issues, "The Impact of Government Regulation on Innovation", 1978-1979  
Consultant, Federal Trade Commission project, "The Effects of Repealing Anti-Substitution Laws on Drug Innovation", 1977-1978  
Selected Recent Invited Talks

Columbia University, New York, NY, 11 December 2003
Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 1 October 2003
St. Vincent's University, Lathrobe, PA, 24 September 2003
Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, 8 September 2003
American Economic Association Meetings, Washington, DC, 5 January 2003
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Dallas, TX, 19 April 2002
American Association for Advancement of Science, Boston, MA, 1 February 2002
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Colloquium, Washington, DC, 28 March 2001
American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, 6 October 2000
Schumpeterian Society Meetings, Manchester, UK, 30 June 2000
US House of Representatives, Washington, DC, 29 June 1999
"International Patent Policies and Pharmaceutical Innovation", University of Vienna, May 1996
"Pharmaceutical Innovation, Cost-Effectiveness Research and Emerging Regulatory Issues", American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C., November 1996
"Public Policies and Pharmaceutical Innovation", Jagellion University, Karkow, Poland, May 1996
"The Effects of the Waxman Hatch Act on Drug Innovation and Generic Competition", Testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, March 1996
"The Effects of Increased Government Purchases on Vaccine R&D", Testimony before the Subcommittee on Health and the Environment on the Vaccines for Children's Program, June 1995
"Health Reform and Pharmaceutical Innovation", American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C., July 1994
"R&D Costs, Innovational Output and Firm Size", Yale University Festschrift Honoring Merton J. Peck, New Haven, Connecticut, September 1994
"Socially Optimal Reimbursement and Utilization Policies for Pharmaceuticals", Hungarian National Social Insurance Administration, Budapest, Hungary, April 1994
"The Administration's Health Reform Plan--Implications for Pharmaceutical Innovation", testimony before Congressman Waxwan's House Subcommittee on Health and the Environment, February 1994
"International Competition in Pharmaceutical R&D", National Science Board on Industrial Support for R&D, U.S. National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., January 1991
"Pharmaceutical Research and Development: Returns and Risk", Centre for Medicines Research Annual Lecture 1991, Royal College of Physicians, London, England, July 1991
Testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary in reference to The Patent Term Restoration Act of 1981 - S. 255, April 1981

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