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Jacob L. Vigdor, Professor of Public Policy and Economics

Jacob L. Vigdor
Contact Info:
Office Location:  
Office Phone:  (206)616-4436
Email Address: send me a message


PhD in EconomicsHarvard University1999
BS with Distinction in Policy AnalysisCornell University1994

Economics of Education
Public Economics
Research Interests:

Educational achievement; teacher labor markets; racial inequality; residential segregation; housing affordability; political economy; college admissions policies; immigration and migration

Curriculum Vitae
Current Ph.D. Students   (Former Students)

  • John B. Holbein  
  • Weiwei Hu  
  • Sandra N. McCourt  
  • Weiwei Hu  
  • Alvin Murphy  
  • Omari Swinton  
  • Jane Cooley  
  • Natalie Goodpaster  
  • Shauna Saunders  
  • Cathleen McHugh  
  • Jingshu Wang  
  • Dan Hungerman  
  • Thomas Ahn  
Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. J.L. Vigdor, From Immigrants to Americans: The Rise and Fall of Fitting In (December, 2009)  [abs] [author's comments]
  2. C.T. Clotfelter, H.F. Ladd, J.L. Vigdor, New Destinations, New Trajectories? The Educational Attainment and Persistence of Hispanic Youth in North Carolina., Child Development, vol. 83 no. 5 (September, 2012), pp. 1608-1622
  3. P.S. Arcidiacono, S. Khan, J.L. Vigdor, Representation versus Assimilation: How do Preferences in College Admissions Affect Social Interactions?, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 95 no. 1-2 (February, 2011), pp. 1-15
  4. C.T. Clotfelter, H.F. Ladd, and J.L. Vigdor, The Academic Achievement Gap in Grades 3 through 8, Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 91 no. 2 (May, 2009), pp. 398-419
  5. Cook, P., R. MacCoun, C. Muschkin and J.L. Vigdor, The Negative Impacts of Starting Middle School in Sixth Grade, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, vol. 27 no. 1 (Winter, 2008), pp. 104-121
  6. Cutler, D.M., E.L. Glaeser, and J.L. Vigdor, Is the Melting Pot Still Hot? Explaining the Resurgence of Immigrant Segregation, Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 90 no. 3 (August, 2008)
  7. J.L. Vigdor, The Katrina Effect: Was There a Bright Side to the Evacuation of Greater New Orleans?, Advances, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, vol. 7 no. 64 (December, 2007)
  8. J.L. Vigdor, Community Composition and Collective Action: Analyzing Initial Mail Response to the 2000 Census, Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 86 no. 1 (February, 2004), pp. 303-312
  9. J.L. Vigdor, Locations, Outcomes, and Selective Migration, Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 84 no. 4 (November, 2002), pp. 751-755
  10. Cutler, D.M, E.L. Glaeser and J.L. Vigdor, The Rise and Decline of the American Ghetto, Journal of Political Economy, vol. 107 no. 3 (June, 1999), pp. 455-506

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