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Biographical Info of Seth G. Sanders

Professor Sanders is a professor of economics and public policy at Duke University. He teaches graduate courses in labor urban economics, econometrics, microeconomics, and program evaluation; and he teaches undergraduate courses in economic history, research methods, and microeconomics. In 2007, he was a professor of economics at the University of Maryland, where he held the position of director for the Maryland Population Research Center. He studied economics at the University of Chicago, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1993, his M.A. in 1985, and his A.B. in 1984.

Professor Sanders’ research focuses on population studies in terms of economics and econometrics. His projects have explored the consequences of teen childbearing, the performance of gay/lesbian families in the economy, the effects of economic shocks on workers and their families, and gender and racial trends among the highly educated population. He is currently conducting research, supported by grants from the National Institute of Child Health and Development, for two studies, including “The Role of Firms in Immigrant Assimilation and Labor Market Adjustment”; the second project concerns a proposal for the Maryland Population Research Center’s infrastructure. He has also received grants from the Research Initiation Fund, the National Science Foundation, and others.

Professor Sanders has published his research findings and ideas in a number of academic journals, especially those concerning economics, statistics, and sociology. His work has appeared in the Journal of Human Resources, the Journal of Marriage and the Family, the Economic Inquiry, and many others. He was also a contributor to the book Kids Having Kids: Economic Costs and Social Consequences of Teen Pregnancy, a work that, when it was first published in 1997, was hailed as “the first comprehensive effort to identify the consequences of teen childbearing for the mothers, the fathers, the children, and our society.” His chapter was entitled, “The Impact of Teenage Childbearing on the Mothers and the Consequences of those Impacts for the Government.”

Along with his work as a professor and researcher, Professor Sanders has also held the position of National Fellow at the Hoover Institute within Stanford University since 1993. He has membership within the American Economics Association, the Population Association of America, the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, and several other prestigious associations. He is also currently a member of the IRP Research Working Group on Problems of the Low-Income Population.

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