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Peer-reviewed journal articles published

  1. Rogers, DL; Bolick, CM; Anderson, AL; Gordon, E; McGlinn, M; Yow, J. "“It’s about the kids:” Transforming teacher-student relationships through action research." Clearing House: a Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas 80.5 (June, 2007): 217-221.
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    Action research is often included in teacher education programs to improve teacher reflection and practice; however, there is little indication of its impact on students. In this article, the authors examine action research conducted by 114 experienced teachers enrolled in a masters of education program. The teachers came from a range of disciplines and grade levels. Based on their investigation, the authors determined that action research provided a vehicle for teachers to (a) establish more personal relationships with students, (b) develop a better understanding of students as learners, and (c) give students a voice in the classroom.