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Curriculum Vitae

Jack Bookman

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Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708-0320 (919) 660-2823 (office)

    Awards and Fellowships

    Senior Fellow, Center for Teaching, Learning and Writing, Duke University, 2000-2001
    Carnegie Scholar, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2000-2002
    Nominated for the Duke Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award: 1984-85; 1985- 86; 1987- 88
    Spencer Post-Doctoral Fellowship 1995-1997

    Major Grant Support

    The Impact of Calculus Reform on Long Term Performance NSF REC-9912017


      Invited Lectures:

    • Some Mathematical Thoughts and Questions About Suduko, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL, March 02, 2006
    • Learning in Interactive Technological Environments, Jacksonville University Jacksonville, FL, 16 March 2001
    • How People Learn Mathematics, Jacksonville University Jacksonville, FL, 15 March 2001
    • Evaluating Calculus Reform at Duke University, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, 29 March 1996
    Professional Affiliations
    • Mathematics Association of America
      North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics


       Peer-reviewed journal articles published

    1. Lardner, ED; Bookman, J. "Lessons Learned in Interdisciplinary Professional Development Designed to Promote the Teaching of Quantitative Literacy." Journal of Faculty Development 27.2 (May, 2013).
    2. Varsavsky, C; Waldock, J; Harding, A; Jack Bookman, LS; Luaces, VM. "Undergraduate mathematics around the world." Delta Communications, conference proceedings of the Volcanic Delta ’11, the eighth Delta conference on the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics and statistics (2011).
    3. Turner, DA; Narayan, AP; Whicker, SA; Bookman, J; McGann, KA. "Do pediatric residents prefer interactive learning? Educational challenges in the duty hours era.." Medical Teacher (Informa) 33.6 (2011): 494-496. [21355697], [doi]
    4. Alison Sweeney, MD; Alyssa Stephany, MD; Shari Whicker, M; Jack Bookman, P; David A Turner, MD. ""Resident Educators" - Senior Pediatric Residents as Teachers for an Innovative Multidisciplinary Mock Code Curriculum." Journal of Graduate Medical Education 3.2 (2011): 188-195.
    5. Bookman, J; Ganter, SL; Morgan, R. "Developing Assessment Methodologies for Quantitative Literacy: A Formative Study." American Mathematical Monthly 115.10 (December, 2008): 911-929. [Gateway.cgi]
    6. Bookman, J; Malone, D. "Negotiating Roles and Meaning While Learning Mathematics in Interactive Technology-Rich Environments." The Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 6.2 (October, 2006): 41-65.
    7. Bookman, J; Malone, D. "The Nature of Learning in Interactive Technological Environments: A Proposal for a Research Agenda Based on Grounded Theory." Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education (2003).
    8. Winter, D; Lemons, P; Bookman, J; Hoese, W. "Novice Instructors and Student-Centered Instruction: Identifying and Addressing Obstacles to Learning in the College Science Laboratory." Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2.1 (2001).
    9. Bookman, J; Blake, L. "SEVEN YEARS OF PROJECT CALC AT DUKE UNIVERSITY APPROACHING STEADY STATE?*." PRIMUS 6.3 (September 1996): 221-234. [doi]
    11. BOOKMAN, J; SMITH, D. "THE ELECTRONIC STUDY GUIDE - PRE-CALCULUS ALGEBRA." 16.3 (1985): 218-221. [doi]

       Papers Accepted

    1. Narayan, AP; Whicker, SA; Staples, B; Bookman, J; Bartlett, K; McGann, KA. "The Clinical Skills Fair - An Innovative Curriculum Evaluation Tool." Journal of Graduate Medical Education  (April 19, 2013).
    2. Bookman, ; Bar-On, R; Cooke, B; Schott, S. "(Re)discovering SoTL through a Fundamental Challenge: Helping Students Transition to College Calculus." MAA Notes: Guide to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics  (October, 2012).

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