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Curriculum Vitae

Joseph Di Bona

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213D West Duke Building
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3075 (office)

  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1967
Areas of Research
  • Social and International
Professional Service

  Service to Program in Education
  • Scholarship With a Civic Mission, Writer's Forum Chapel Hill Senior Center


  Conference papers:

  • The Collision of Pedagogies in American Education, Charlottesville VA., October, 2005
  • Role of Public In Recognizing 19th Century Free Black Artisans, Milton, NC, 7 December 2003
  • Comparative Teacher Preparation with Finnish Educators Eija Kimonen and Raimo Nevalainen, North Carolina Central University. English Department, 10 October 2003
  • Role of Charity in Educating Delinquent Youth, Netherlands, 5 April 2003
  • Curricula Change for Global Citizenship, London, England, 3 April 2003



  1. J. Di Bona. My Heart Belongs To Sammy: A Kid Who Defies Convention.  December, 2005.
  2. J. Di Bona. Critical Perspectives on Indian Education. New Delhi: Bahri Publications, 1989.
  3. J. Di Bona. One Teacher, One School. Delhi: Biblia Impex Pvt. Ltd., 1983. 309 pp. pp.
  4. J. Di Bona. A Is For Ambrosia. Durham: Privately Printed, 1975.
  5. J. Di Bona. The Context of Education in Indian Development. Durham, Duke University Program in Comparative Studies on Southern Asia, 1974. pp. vii, 229 pp.
  6. J. Di Bona. Change and Conflict. Indian Edition Lalvani Publishing House, Bombay, 1972. 236 pp. pp.


  1. J. Di Bona. "Media Destiny."  2003 A Three Act Play submitted for production.
  2. J. Di Bona. "Sheila."  2003 A Three Act Play on the underbelly of the public school system and its tragic consequences.
  3. J. Di Bona. "Quest."  2003 A Three Act Play about the search for identity.

   Peer-reviewed journal articles under review

  1. J. Di Bona, D. Malone. "What elementary school principals say about diet and exercise." (2008).

   Books in preparation

  1. J. Di Bona and undergraduates, David Evans and Matthew Zash. "THE EDUCATION OF TERRORISTS."  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, December, 2005
  2. J. Di Bona. "Is Teaching Obsolete."  2005

   Other scholarly work submitted

  1. J. Di Bona. "Feeding the Hungry During WWII. In Challenges On the Home Front." Chapel Hill Press. (2004).
  2. J. Di Bona. "A Memoir From the Grave. In Challenges On the Home Front." Chapel Hill Press. (2004).

   Articles in Journals

  1. J. Di Bona, Rittik Chaudhuri, Joshua Jean-Baptiste, Peter Menachem, and Megan Wurzburg. "Commercialism in North Carolina High Schools: A Survey of Principals' Perceptions." Peabody Journal of Education 78.2 (2003): 41-62.
  2. J. Di Bona and Eleanor Harrington-Austin. ""Bringing Multicultrualism to the Historically Black University in the United States"." Education Horizon 71.3 (1993): 50-57.
  3. J. Di Bona. "25 Years of change in an Indian University." Journal of Higher Education New Delhi 15 (1993): 65-79.

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