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Research Interests for Joseph Di Bona

Research Interests: Social and International

Pedagogy and world system analysis, ideology and practice in teacher professionalism, Third World education and emphasis on South Asian colonial history and current policy.

comparative , Utopian, radical
Current projects:
learning vs teaching
changing pedagogy
Areas of Interest:


Representative Publications
  1. J. Di Bona, My Heart Belongs To Sammy: A Kid Who Defies Convention (December, 2005)
  2. J. Di Bona, Critical Perspectives on Indian Education (1989), New Delhi: Bahri Publications
  3. J. Di Bona, One Teacher, One School (1983), pp. 309 pp., Delhi: Biblia Impex Pvt. Ltd.
  4. J. Di Bona, A Is For Ambrosia (1975), Durham: Privately Printed
  5. J. Di Bona, The Context of Education in Indian Development (1974), pp. pp. vii, 229, Durham, Duke University Program in Comparative Studies on Southern Asia
  6. J. Di Bona, Change and Conflict, Indian Edition (1972), pp. 236 pp., Lalvani Publishing House, Bombay
  7. J. Di Bona, Rittik Chaudhuri, Joshua Jean-Baptiste, Peter Menachem, and Megan Wurzburg, Commercialism in North Carolina High Schools: A Survey of Principals' Perceptions, Peabody Journal of Education, vol. 78 no. 2 (2003), pp. 41-62
  8. J. Di Bona and Eleanor Harrington-Austin, "Bringing Multicultrualism to the Historically Black University in the United States", Education Horizon, vol. 71 no. 3 (1993), pp. 50-57
  9. J. Di Bona, 25 Years of change in an Indian University, New Delhi, Journal of Higher Education, vol. 15 (1993), pp. 65-79

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