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  1. Carboni, LW; Friel, SN. "Windows into classroom practice: Using instructional videotapes in a mathematics methods course." International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning (April, 2005).
    (last updated on 2023/03/28)

    The purpose of this study is to investigate preservice teachers’ views about the value of and purposes for the use of instructional videotapes of teaching and learning situations in mathematics in an elementary mathematics methods course. A variety of written and interview data were collected from five preservice teacher participants. Reactions from the participants ranged from skeptical about the classroom situations they viewed, to surprised at the engagement of the videotaped students in mathematics and their own positive reactions to these situations, to reflective about the videotaped situations and how they related to their own teaching. Whether the participants were characterized as skeptical, surprised, or reflective, they all came to feel that viewing the videotapes was a worthwhile experience. The evidence indicates that the preservice teachers found the videotapes useful and attributed some of the changes in their thinking about the teaching of mathematics to their use.