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Cooper, Harris M.

  1. Appelbaum, M; Cooper, H; Kline, RB; Mayo-Wilson, E; Nezu, AM; Rao, SM. "Intent of reporting standards: Reply to Rossiter (2018).." American Psychologist 73.7 (October, 2018): 932. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Appelbaum, M; Cooper, H; Kline, RB; Mayo-Wilson, E; Nezu, AM; Rao, SM. "Journal article reporting standards for quantitative research in psychology: The APA Publications and Communications Board task force report.." American Psychologist 73.1 (January, 2018): 3-25. [doi]  [abs]

Ferraro, Thomas J.

  1. Ferraro, TJ. Transgression & Redemption in the 1930s. The Cambridge Companion to American Literature of the 1930s CUP, (September, 2018): 145-145.

Miller, Ezra

  1. Katthän, L; Michałek, M; Miller, E. "When is a Polynomial Ideal Binomial After an Ambient Automorphism?." Foundations of Computational Mathematics (January, 2018). [doi]  [abs]

Noor, Mohamed A.

  1. Korunes, KL; Noor, MAF. "Pervasive gene conversion in chromosomal inversion heterozygotes.." Molecular Ecology 28.6 (March, 2019): 1302-1315. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Ballinger, MA; Noor, MAF. "Are Lethal Alleles Too Abundant in Humans?." Trends in Genetics : Tig 34.2 (February, 2018): 87-89. [doi]  [abs]

Plesser, M. Ronen

  1. Bertolini, M; Plesser, MR. "(0,2) hybrid models." Journal of High Energy Physics 2018.9 (September, 2018). [doi]  [abs]

Reynolds, Julie

  1. Dowd, JE; Thompson, RJ; Schiff, L; Haas, K; Hohmann, C; Roy, C; Meck, W; Bruno, J; Reynolds, JA. "Student Learning Dispositions: Multidimensional Profiles Highlight Important Differences among Undergraduate STEM Honors Thesis Writers." Cbe Life Sciences Education 18.2 (June, 2019): ar28-ar28. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Mourad, TM; Mcnulty, AF; Liwosz, D; Tice, K; Abbott, F; Williams, GC; Reynolds, JA. "The Role of a Professional Society in Broadening Participation in Science: A National Model for Increasing Persistence." Bioscience 68.9 (September, 2018): 715-721. [doi]
  3. Dowd, JE; Thompson, RJ; Schiff, LA; Reynolds, JA. "Understanding the Complex Relationship between Critical Thinking and Science Reasoning among Undergraduate Thesis Writers.." Cbe Life Sciences Education 17.1 (January, 2018). [doi]  [abs]
  4. Mourad, TM; McNulty, AF; Liwosz, D; Tice, K; Abbott, F; Williams, GC; Reynolds, JA. "The role of a professional society in broadening participation in science: A national model for increasing persistence." Bioscience 68.9 (January, 2018): 715-721. [doi]  [abs]

Riggsbee, Jan

  1. Linnenbrink-Garcia, L; Wormington, SV; Snyder, KE; Riggsbee, J; Perez, T; Ben-Eliyahu, A; Hill, NE. "Multiple Pathways to Success: An Examination of Integrative Motivational Profiles Among Upper Elementary and College Students.." Journal of Educational Psychology 110.7 (October, 2018): 1026-1048. [doi]  [abs]

Stephens, Kristen R.

  1. Karnes, F. A. and Stephens, K. R.. Young Women of Achievement: A Resource for Girls in Science, Math, and Technology..  20020101. [login.aspx]  [abs]