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Peer-reviewed journal articles published

  1. Brown, K; Wynn, SR. "Finding, Supporting and Keeping: The Role of the Principal in Teacher Retention Issues." Journal of School Leadership (2006).
    (last updated on 2022/06/25)

    Although once viewed as a recruitment issue, the teacher shortage is better defined as a retention issue. As such, school districts now focus on finding ways to encourage highly qualified teachers to remain in the classroom. High teacher turnover rates result in: (1) a deficit of quality teachers and instruction; (2) loss of continuity and commitment; and (3) time, attention and funds devoted to recruitment versus support. The purpose of this two-phase empirical inquiry of teacher retention issues is to better understand the leadership styles of principals who lead schools that have low attrition and transfer rates. Findings from Phase One indicate that principals with an awareness of issues affecting new teachers, principals with a proactive approach in supporting new teachers, and principals with a commitment to professional growth and excellence for themselves, their students, and their teachers (new and veteran alike), are retaining teachers at a higher rate than their peers.